„CEE is definitely ‘happening’ as a place for IT development, consulting and other forms of work that may traditionally have been the province of an India or a Philippines.”

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„Central European countries are technologically-minded, with strong average English skills. They share a similar work culture to people from US and Western Europe. They’re just about far enough to get your outsourcing a bit cheaper and just about close enough to save you from 3AM business calls.”


„In Eastern Europe, economies offer lower costs than in more developed economies, as well as plenty of engineering and IT skills, a heritage of the education priorities from old communist times. “It is much more convenient for a company to set up a development centre in a European country than in India, mostly because of cultural reasons.”



Do you always face with shortage of workforce? Is it difficult to find the proper colleague for the tasks?

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Professional IT Experts

Our IT professionals speak your language. Hungary’s web developers are considered among the best IT specialists in the world.

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Personal development

React to your business challenges with customized IT solution. Today most problems you face in your business can be solved by personalized applications.

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